The FUTURELIFE® Foundation Trust complies with all legal requirements and codes of good practice as published from time to time. The Foundation applies a policy of good corporate governance.

The Foundation is governed by a 6-member Board of Trustees who meet at least quarterly to oversee the organisation’s finances and strategy, and to lend their wisdom and advice to the organisation. All Trustees render their services on a voluntary basis, free of charge, and contribute different and valuable expertise on all levels of the management of the individual projects.

The Foundation employs a CEO for the day-to-day operation of the affairs of the Foundation. An annual, external audit of the financial affairs of the Foundation is conducted.

NPO 150 - 606

PBO 930 049 012


The FUTURELIFE® Foundation Trust will be audited annually by Aitken Lambert Elsworth who have kindly agreed to perform this activity as part of their own CSI program.

A full report of the audit will be posted online each year for complete transparency.