Our NPO partners share the same vision and objectives for South Africa’s children as we do, and assist us in reaching as many children as possible.


The Daily News Milk Fund is 77 years old and was established by members of the Daily News newspaper to give something back to underprivileged children every Christmas. It has since developed into a scheme, which now feeds 13 000 children every school day and supports 74 créches and schools. FUTURELIFE® has supported the Milk Fund for the past 5 years through the provision of porridge to support a number of feeding initiatives. We have also been involved in a number of direct community days at various créches throughout KwaZulu-Natal, such as Nelson Mandela Day.

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Founded in 2006, the aim of Izulu Orphan Projects (IOP) is to school, feed and clothe as many orphaned children as possible, starting in Zululand, KwaZulu-Natal. IOP's aim is to positively impact the locals by offering them, firstly education, and then healthy meals coupled with family social support.

From humble beginnings, the project now supports 2 435 orphans and widows in 737 households. FUTURELIFE® first became involved with IOP in 2013, but looks to strengthen its support for the project in terms of ongoing support for what is a very structured and well-run support project.


The devastating plight of the Somalian people is a humanitarian disaster of unmitigated magnitude, with more than a million of its people suffering from starvation, malnutrition and even drought.

In 2014, the FUTURELIFE® Foundation in partnership with CityHope Disaster Relief ensured that this plight did not go unheard. Energy-rich FUTURELIFE® cereal was distributed amongst the children and adults of Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu, in order to enrich their bodies and minds and spread a little hope in a country where it is so badly needed.

The FUTURELIFE® Foundation and CityHope Disaster Relief plan to continue their efforts in this endeavour in 2015, by shipping Energy-rich FUTURELIFE® cereal in order to aid a humanitarian crisis in Malawi.


TLC exists to empower, support, counsel, equip and provide for families in seven informal settlements, children and destitute youth at risk, ex-offenders and those living on the streets. Our project aims to encourage community development through education, life skills and sport. We run an Early Childhood Development centre providing children with the opportunity to enter mainstream schooling, and we run afternoon programmes within the settlements targeting the youth and young adults with educational, physical, emotional and social training through interactive games and activities. TLC hosts special events throughout the year- Women’s day, Youth Day, Sports Tournaments, Madiba day, to name a few, where communities are able to come together in a support structure for a common cause.


Hokisa’s focus is caring for children living with and affected by HIV/Aids, full-time and in a family environment. When a child cannot be looked after by family members or neighbours, he or she is placed via the Magistrate’s Court at the HOKISA Home. A careful assessment of the situation of each child is part of the admission process. Where ever possible, family members are encouraged to keep in touch with the child.

IMBELEKO Foundation

The purpose of the IMBELEKO Foundation is to give love, care, warmth and hope to orphaned and vulnerable children. Whilst Imbeleko is a holistic organisation; it is very education centric. They believe that by providing such children with a strong education foundation; you would have set them up for a much brighter future.

Robin Hood Foundation

The Robin Hood Foundation aims to mobilise resources from businesses and individuals who have spare resources to poor grannies and needy mums in disadvantage communities. The people that are helped are known personally by the church workers and community workers who help them and all donations are handles directly into the hands of the people who need them.

The Unlimited Child

The Unlimited Child focuses on providing training, educational toys and ongoing support to caregivers in underprivileged crèches. The focus is to give children the stimulation they need to achieve their potential. Unless children between the ages of 0-6 years old are exposed to effective stimulation, their potential in life is seriously impacted.